The Optimal Brain Course


Unlock The Brain’s Potential with Optimal Brain

Discover the powerful benefits of Optimal Brain, a 5-day advanced palpatory course that taps into the astonishing capacity of the brain to heal and thrive!

May 15th – 19th, 2024
Washington, D.C.


Enhance Your Practice & Effectively Treat Trauma, TBI’s, & Head Injuries

Core Synchronism Therapy Technique

Keagha and Marisa will teach participants an advanced palpatory therapy technique, core synchronism, that has proven to be highly successful in addressing PTSD, head trauma, emotional and mental trauma, and more.

Hands-On Effective Treatment Approaches

Participants will learn brain and cranial treatments using a gentle palpatory approach. Additionally, you’ll learn metaphysical wisdoms and yogic philosophies, as well as related brain research, intracranial movement, and energetics that influence these movements.

Homeopathic & Supplemental Approaches

With the bonus hour on homeopathic and supplemental approaches to addressing TBI’s and head injuries, practitioners will learn about homeopathic remedies that address the immediate shock and swelling from head trauma.


Core Synchronism for Healing Trauma & Boosting Cognitive Abilities

Are you ready to learn how to optimize the brain and help restore balance to the lives of your patients?

In The Optimal Brain course, we dive deep into core synchronism, an advanced therapeutic technique, which has proven highly successful in addressing PTSD, head trauma, emotional and mental trauma, and more.

The vital life force current propels the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid and drives the 3D movement of the brain and cranial bones. However, a head trauma can disrupt this delicate balance.

Using your hands, you can make gentle corrections to a person’s brain and skull bones, feeling where restrictions occur due to trauma. Seriously, you can actually feel this!

This method draws on the principles of Cranial Osteopathy, combined with Dr. Robert Stevens’ groundbreaking discoveries in understanding the mechanical movement of the brain, cerebral spinal fluid, and the vital life force.

Our course will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on effective treatment approaches to address and treat trauma, traumatic brain injuries, concussions, head injuries, migraines, and more.

You’ll learn the palpation of the brain and cranial bones, three-dimensional movements in relation to the cerebral spinal fluid cycle and the life force current. Additionally, you’ll discuss current research relating to the brain, intracranial movement, and energetics. As an added bonus, we’ll also provide an hour dedicated to homeopathic and supplemental approaches to addressing TBI’s and head injuries.


Meet The Course Experts

Together, Keagha and Marisa boast decades of experience in healing.

Keagha Carscallen (She/Her)


Keagha’s 22 years of clinical practice is highlighted by extensive trauma care, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to complex health concerns. She is a US-based certified Core Synchronism instructor, wholistic health care and healing justice practitioner. Her finesse to address the nuances of illness and trauma is matched by her humbled awareness of what it means to be trusted by people, families and communities in their healing journeys. As an instructor, she delights in being one of many to carry the medicines forward.

Her expertise comes from a long line of medicinal savants, with decades of formal study and long-term apprenticeships, including manual and etheric medicine and naturopathic studies with Dr. Robert Stevens, the homeopathic wisdom of Dr. Robin Murphy, herbal studies with botanical crone Trina Sims, and functional nutrition with Andrea Nakayama.

An unfortunate aspect of modern medicine is the narrow scope of how brain injuries are treated. This is why the Optimal Brain course was birthed, using an advanced palpatory approach, Core Synchronism and homeopathic medicine to address the totality of physical, mental, emotional trauma held deep in the brain.

Her dedication to healing justice health care is a keynote to who she is and how she practices community health care. Over the many iterations, this has ranged from offering racial equity sliding scales, exchange based clinics and reparations. Keagha is a lover of all things that uplift people’s right to thrive, sing, and be their fabulous selves.

Marisa Alonso (She/Her)


Over the past 20 years Marisa (Mari) has trained in a variety of manual medical techniques including visceral manipulation with the Barral Institute, craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute, and fascial modalities including myofascial release and Integral Bodywork. Ten years ago, Marisa began training with Keagha and Enai Brutus in the model of Core Synchronism. She has found this model to be the most comprehensive in treating the whole body system. Currently, her practice is mainly informed by the Core Synchronism model.

Marisa started her career as a physical therapist in 2004. At that time, her practice focused predominantly on clients with pelvic floor dysfunction and chronic pain. As she got deeper into her work as a pelvic floor therapist she found that in order to fully address what was happening at the pelvis she had to address the rest of the spine and cranium. She then started to explore the correlation between pelvic pain and cranial pain, head injuries, and jaw pain. Her curiosity in the brain blossomed from there.

Marisa currently works out of her private practice, Mariposa Wellness, in Washington, D.C. and Silver Spring, MD. In her free time, she loves to be in nature.


Preparing For The Optimal Brain Course

Pack Your Equipment

Feel free to bring any supplementary materials to enhance your learning experience such as your own stool, pillows, blankets, and a laptop or tablet if desired. Please let us know if you are able to supply foldable treatment tables when registering.

The Optimal Brain Training Manual

Upon completing the registration process for the course, you will be provided with your own Optimal Brain Training Manual. Please plan to bring this with you to the course, whether printed or on your laptop.

Bring Yourself!

Get ready to supercharge your brain with our 5-day advanced palpation Optimal Brain course. We look forward to working with you and helping enhance your healing toolkit with core synchronism, an advanced therapeutic technique.


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Practitioners focusing on traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, emotional and mental trauma, and more.


May 15th - 19th, 2024
Wednesday - Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm


Seekers Church
276 Carroll Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20012

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We have a select number of slots open that are eligible for our equity-based scholarship fund. This scholarship supports queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, and other people of color to attend the course utilizing a sliding scale. Please download and complete the form below, and return it to


Real-Life Feedback From Real-Life Patients

Keagha has performed over 12,500 brain treatments and continues to witness the incredible healing potential of the brain and body. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what people have to say: 

I was in a car accident. The car spun around and then I hit my head against the side window and then the headrest. I blacked out. When I came to, I eventually went to an urgent care and was diagnosed with a concussion. I was told to rest and that it would resolve within a few days. It didn’t.

Over the next two years my symptoms became progressively worse and I was no longer able to drive, read, or use a computer. I experienced light sensitivity, anxiety, constant migraines that felt like a burning in my head, dizziness, nausea, a change in my menstrual cycle, changes to my body’s ability to regulate temperature. I became very depressed.

Before starting to work with Keagha, I felt like I lost my life and that no one believed what I was experiencing. As an unseen injury I didn’t look like I was experiencing the challenges described. I lost friends, I lost my ability to work at a profession I loved. I was grieving. Now, I am symptom free. It took about a year of work, but the treatments returned my functioning to me fully. It wasn’t an easy or quick process, but it worked.

People ask me to describe the modality [Keagha] uses and I cannot with any convincing language do it. All I can say is that I came to her skeptical of the power of her treatments and now am an advocate.

— Liz

I’m 51 years old. I suffer from cluster migraines accompanied by vertigo, nerve pain and aura’s. I’m a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence, multiple car accidents, five concussions, and 30 surgeries. My current medical diagnosis & symptoms are TBI, adrenal failure, chronic migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, & CPTSD with severe memory loss.

After 3 brain treatments with Keagha, I could retell my life story in chronological order and hold a conversation with people without having a panic attack or going into fight or flight which allows me to have a streamline of energy for the whole day. This has caused me less pressure in my brain & less pain in my body. I’m no longer trapped in my body & that gives me control over my life again. I find this to be not only amazing but a true blessing!

— Janis Gallagher

Jack was diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus in 2016 and exhibited the classic symptoms of this neurodegenerative illness: shuffling walk and precarious balance; dementia with compromised short-term memory and executive functioning of the brain; very low energy with tendency to sleep a lot. He changed from an enthusiastic, talkative person to a quiet, subdued one. After his brain treatments, Jack says, “I feel good. My mind is sharp, clear.” His wife observed that he is practically bursting with energy and smiling. Once after a treatment, he actually walked up some steep basement stairs all by himself that he had needed total assistance with on his way to his treatment. Caregivers and personal trainers have commented on how Jack walks smoothly, without shuffling, and makes turns without losing his balance.

— Jack & Marsha Youngblood 


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